Building on its eight-decade reputation of fish-catching success, Luhr-Jensen® is introducing five new eye-catching chrome color patterns in both its Kwikfish® K and X series baits: Silver, Green Chrome Red Streak, Black Chrome Red Streak, Blue Chrome Pink Streak and Red Chrome Pink Streak.

The new color designs are available in two models, the 9X Non-Rattle and the K11X Non-Rattle. The former dives as deep as 10 feet, measures 2 3/4 inches and comes armed with two No. 6 Extra-Strong Round-Bend VMC® Treble Hooks. The latter dives to 12 feet, measures 3 3/8 inches and sports two No. 4 Extra-Strong Round-Bend VMC Treble Hooks.

These three models are available in all-silver for the first time: 14X Rattle, 15X Rattle and K16X Rattle.

A fishing staple in the Northwest and Great Lakes for more than 80 years, Luhr-Jensen is synonymous in those regions with trout, kokanee, salmon, steelhead, bass and walleye fishing.

From trolling and casting spoons, to spinners and crankbaits, Luhr-Jensen fishing lures and accessories have defined angler success since 1932. Among the most successful and respected baits in that tradition is the Kwikfish, an excellent trolling and slow back-trolling plug for all medium to large gamefish.

Featuring top-to-bottom molded construction and adjustable screw-in eyelets for custom tuning, Kwikfish in the K Series can be adjusted for slow or fast water conditions.

Diving slightly deeper than the K Series baits, X Series Kwikfish boast side-to-side body construction, an internal rattle and a fixed eyelet that requires no tuning. The X Series baits swim with a wider, aggressive action — even in fast water.

Additional features include stainless steel split rings, Extra-Strong Round-Bend VMC hooks and fixed eyelets, which eliminate the need for tuning.

See Kwikfish® Xtreme (rattle)

See Kwikfish® Xtreme (non-rattle)

See Kwikfish® (rattle)


There’s a difference between catching anglers and catching fish. For more than 80 years, Luhr-Jensen® has defined itself by measures of anglers’ success. New products have to clear a simple, but very high bar. Is this product or finish different and better? Will it contribute positively to the angler’s experience? Under rigorous scrutiny, only a small number make the cut. Their impact, however, is substantial. New for 2016 are attention-grabbing finishes for a number of favorite Luhr-Jensen lures, including the Hydro Vibe Hoochie, Krocodile® and Hot Shot®.

Luhr-Jensen® Hydro Vibe Hoochie with UV Bright Finishes
Four new Luhr-Jensen® Hydro Vibe Hoochie finishes include advanced UV Bright skirts to demand the attention of coveted gamefish.

Now available in Gold Pink/Pearl UV, Gold Flo, Red/Pink UV, Gold Chartreuse/Green UV and Nickel Pink/Purple UV, the new Hydro Vibe Hoochie colors incorporate pearlescent UV Bright synthetic skirts that swim with lifelike action while a holographic eye completes the ultimate illusion.

Four colors of UV skirts complete with a complimentary blade finish specifically target Silver and King Salmon. Painted blade tips maintain a large metallic surface to maximize flash, while hard-contrasting dots further enhance visibility.

Luhr-Jensen® Krocodile® Now Ready for the Water in Vibrant Holographic Finishes
Six new finishes leverage the Krocodile® lure action with a concise set of stunning holographic colors.

New Krocodile finishes begin with three core baitfish patterns: Black Silver Reflex, Blue Silver Reflex and Silver Reflex. With just those three finishes, an angler can fish waters worldwide with exceptional success.

Two additional new finishes target detail fisheries: the Rainbow Trout finish is a necessity for trout anglers, especially those on the hunt for large Brown Trout. Sardine and Blue Mackerel are staples in saltwater, both on shallow structure as well as offshore where sardines represent key forage for species like Dolphin Fish and Tuna.

Luhr-Jensen® Hot Shot® Finishes Feature Hint of Fluorescence
Designed to backtroll river currents for salmon and steelhead, the Luhr-Jensen® Hot Shot® targets water depths that are often 4-to-6-feet deep. At these depths, light penetration is excellent. Finishes need not be brash, and oftentimes, less is more.

New Hot Shot finishes in Metallic Blue Tiger, Metallic Pink Tiger, Metallic Green Tiger and Metallic Orange Tiger feature a full-metallic body with black tiger stripes and a contrasting fluorescent tail. The base metallic paints are the four best colors in steelhead and salmon fisheries, covering the bases from winter through summer seasons. Black tiger stripes add hard contrast to offset the color and ensure visibility. With fluorescent tails in pink or red, these lures possess a perfect balance for creating exciting strikes.